TRI Solutions, Inc

Tile and Grout Cleaning and Restoration

Tile and grout is made to last for a long time. 

Unfortunately, a lot of tile and grout is replaced long before it needs to be due to the inability to keep it looking and smelling clean.

TRI Solutions offers a solution by way of the proprietary SaniGLAZE Tile and Hard Surface Restoration Process. 


    The Benefits of SaniGLAZE:

  • eliminates the need for replacement = time and money
  • eradicates foul odors from built up contaminants
  • helps prevent future soil and moisture penetration
  • simplifies your routine maintenance needs
Once you make the decision to go with SaniGLAZE within your facility, you will notice daily maintenance is easier, requiring less aggressive cleaning and chemicals. This leads to a durable, sustainable floor that delivers ongoing value long after the initial investment.

                                    You can achieve a like new surface that will be sure to WOW you when you see it! 

The SaniGLAZE Process will help your facilities stay in the clean zone for years to come when cared for with SaniGLAZE EverGLAZE Maintenance Program in conjunction with your current janitorial efforts. 

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