TRI Solutions, Inc

Roll Down Coatings

Unlike traditional painting in many concrete floor settings; roll down epoxy systems offer a longer life and a variety of finishes to customize your needs.

Benefits of roll down coatings:

  • Easy to clean
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Multiple color options
  • Can be used with colored chips for decorative finish
  • Non Slip additives available
  • ESD flooring compliant

Different roll down epoxy colors offer visual organization and demarcation to represent safety warnings or guidelines. 

Universally Recognized Color Code:

  • Yellow: Aisles and traffic lanes
  • White: Production areas
  • Red: High hazards, warning tags and defects
  • Orange: Energized equipment or needs inspection
  • Green: First-aid-and raw materials
  • Blue: Water sources and works-in-progress
  • Black: Finished goods and stationary equipment 
  • Black/Yellow: High-risk areas and objects 
  • Red/White: Safety warnings and “stay away” areas 
  • Black/White: “do not enter” zones