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Government Facilities

Local and State and Federal government facilities cover a broad spectrum of environments and uses.  We provide solutions for buildings with existing offices, equipment and users who need access to the space on a daily basis.  We can schedule our installations during weekends, nights, and holidays so as to minimize the impact to your facilities daily needs.

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Clean, safe and longevity of service on stairways are a must in public access areas. TRI Solutions offers a solution that helps simplify daily maintenance efforts while staying budget conscious. Learn more >

    Public Access Areas

    Administrative Areas

    Jails and Prisons

    Public Works Facilities

    Parks and Recreation

    Fire Stations

    EMS Stations

    Veteran Affairs Facilities

    and more...

    High traffic lobby flooring is subjected to many factors. Roller bags, a variety of shoe materials that bring debris from outside. Pre-existing Terrazzo flooring cleans and shines with the right approach. Learn more >

    High security areas require seamless applications for safety and longevity of use. The interior of a jail can express and reinforce an expectation about inmate behavior. Learn more >

    Tile and grout restoration solutions that make daily maintenance easier, requiring less aggressive cleaning and chemicals provides a safe, sanitary environment for your clients, staff and visitors. Learn more >

     Wet areas like water treatment plants have a specific need for seamless, non porous  and non skid surfaces. Learn more >