TRI Solutions, Inc

Cementitious Urethane

Cementitious Urethane, sometimes referred to as urethane mortar or cement is a coating system that can be applied over uncured concrete, in cold temperatures or humid environments. Moisture, whether hot or cold, is not an issue with cementitious urethane applications.  Suitable for many application environments - harshly exposed environments are the most recommended installation areas. 

Benefits of Cementitious Urethane:

  • Able to withstand dramatic temperature changes
  • Controls bacterial on the surface
  • Resists thermal shock and thermal cycling
  • Zero VOC and LEED contributing
  • Fast curing and low odor installation
  • Can be used to repair and re-surface existing concrete
  • Custom slip- resistance options available
  • Can be installed alone or in conjunction with decorative finishes
  • Meets USDA requirements