TRI Solutions, Inc

ChromaGLAZE Tinted Topcoat System


TRI Solutions offers a solution by way of the proprietary SaniGLAZE ChromaGLAZE Tinted Topcoat System. 

            A topcoat system with color, SaniMAX-C , is available in a large selection of

colors. It can be applied to a variety of tile and grout surfaces as well many other vertical services.               

    The Benefits of ChromaGLAZE:

  •  Restores surface to a brand new appearance

    • Prevents soil and moisture penetration

    • Eradicates foul odors

    • Repels bacteria, mildew and mold

    • Simplifies maintenance

    • Eliminates expense of replacement

    Where and When to Specify:

    ChromaGLAZE is specified for all tile sizes.
    It is recommended for surfaces that need
    a color change; and for situations where a
    durable coating is required.